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Violent black
Crashing dreams
As broken glasses
Cutting my skin

That’s my only sin:
Continuing to hope
In this suffocating Land.

I try to breathe, I can’t
I drown down deep
No other need
No other me.

My past past calls me strong
There’s nothing wrong,
There’s nothing wrong
In what I have been
There is no sin
No other mean.

I look up at the sky
So many “why”
You’re only lies,
Dreams butterflies.

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Intricate trees sawn
With a sky piece
Velvet grass upon my head
There is nothing I miss

A flower in my mind
And everything I lived
Is sealed in my hands
And that is all I need

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My past is a foreign country
I feel drowning drowning drowning
In a land of nothingness

Sores and wounds my very jewels
And the mirror just portrays a ghost:
What I am not, what I don’t know
So many “not any mores”
not even one “to be”…

In this desert of consciousness
Somebody is dying, looking for water able to heal
Somebody is crying her last drop of sea

Somebody is drowning
There in the mirror
I finally see that
It’s me, that it’s me.

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Ed alla fine noi ci salveremo
Andremo via così lontano
Che non potranno più venirci a cercare
E non ci troveranno
E più non sapranno cosa farsene di noi
E ci scorderanno.

Ed alla fine noi ci salveremo
Via, in una terra dove non
Sempre splende il sole
Ma tra il rumore della pioggia
Ritroveremo l’amore.

Ed alla fine noi ci salveremo
Da maledetti paradisi
E imperdonabili signori
Nei nostri cuori
Il vero Dio
Non ha mai smesso di battere.

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