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Strange World

Strange world
Elliptic shapes of dreams
Intersecting the lines of memories

How weird,
How our whole existences
Depend on the fragile existence
Of others

Delicate balance
Maybe not

Walking on very scary
Levels of altitude
Vertigo all the times
Over the abyss
Of this existence
In this
Strange world.


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Life is an airplane which goes up and down, change directions, lands and flies. We are all passengers of this very moment… Actors and spectators, divers and drivers. We live, experience, test and distress… Make hypotheses, suppositions, rhymes and drawings about our own universes, in order to make sense of them, understand, give meaning. We hold ferocious battles against ourselves in order to define the boundaries of who we are… And, in the end, we are just pulsating stardust, striving to have a form, unaware of our minuscule state, how small our contribution to the bigger picture! We are creatures longing for connections, and yet, in profound need of aloneness. Children of the moon, not yet grown up, looking at the stars with awe and despair. So fragile, yet so capable of wonders… Hiding behind walls of waterfalls, overwhelmed by our emotions at times. We paint our lives with hearty, sublime, human ink… We make a mess sometimes, as we stain our hearts with tears and fears… Just to find out that our mistakes are a necessary seed to the soil of our soul. From there, one day, will flourish meaning, gratitude, and a glorious celebration for life.
I am grateful.

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